Suddenly dissatisfied

by Donna H
(Buffalo, NY)

I was currently using a LG600 with MANY minutes on it. I was going to have to "top up" in a couple of weeks so I purchased the T401G as the 600 took too long for the text messages and I thought a Qwerty keyboard would be better. I activated the new T401G to "test" it BEFORE I transferred my minutes from the 600 to this one. Initially I DID get the free 300 minutes when I activated it. Deciding that I did in fact like the T401G phone much better, I tried to transfer both my many minutes AND phone number from the LG600 to the 401G.

Net 10 sent me a new SIM card and we "supposedly" transferred both the number and minutes from the old phone. When I still could not use the new phone after three (3) days, I called Net 10 and they then worked it out while on my land line phone (initially the first transfer never transpired as they "lost the order"). When Net 10 finished transferring my many minutes and phone number from the LG600 on to the T401G they DID NOT ADD THE FREE 300 minutes I got when I activated the new phone. In other words, they cheated me out of 267 minutes (I used 33 minutes to "test" the new phone before I transfered over). When I told the Net 10 rep that they were not giving me the full number of minutes I should have, she insisted that I used the minutes - she couldn't find where they would have gone. I assured her that I did not use either of the two phones when I initially started the transfer and waited three days for it to turn over. So, I only got 33 free minutes for activating the new phone BEFORE the number transfer. THAT'S how they scam you.

I'm using up these minutes and going BACK to Virgin Mobile where I was always able to get through to customer service and they always did transfers immediately without having to get new sim cards and wait 72 hours or more. AND you can actually understand what the rep's are saying to you when you speak to them! Net 10 doesn't keep to their word!

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Jan 15, 2011
net10 forum-joke
by: peteykgirl

i went to the forum last nite and was thoroughly digusted. a forumn is where you go to ask questions and get answers. all i saw was the "experts" saying to go offline and they would handle it for their safty. a bunch of people were mad coz their textprice went from .5min. to 1.min. their explanation was "750min. monthly card' costs 1.min. i'm glad to have answered your question. that's it. a 200or 300 min. pay as you go card textprice is .5min. and the 750min. monthly card is 1.min. never did they explain WHY the prices were different-just that the 750min.monthly card was 1.min. check it out- the most uninformative forum i've ever seen. all i wanted was a manual or info on how to work the phone. kept sending me to the 'purchase a phone' page- and kicked me out on every page change. i read all the threads and questions and no help- just offline crap and the price is... i posted a reply and a new thread and they are no where. i guess they didn't like my critque. anyway-for a good laugh go there!

Dec 05, 2010
I did the same but with diff results.
by: Grammie

I originally had a little Net 10 LG phone for traveling and used Metro PCS at home. I gave the LG phone to my husband for emergencies. The minutes racked up as he rarely used it. When he had over 2500 minutes and only 4 days remaining I got the Samsung T401G I'd been wanting. I called Customer Service and a VERY nice rep walked me through all the codes to #1 activate my new Samsung phone, (which gave it 300 minutes) #2 transfer all the time and remaining days from the LG to the Samsung, and #3 put a 300 minute/60 day card on the LG.
The representative originally said he'd have to send me a new SIM card in order to reactivate the LG phone and keep the same number, but I asked him to wait while I tried putting the card on it and that worked just fine.
I love Net 10 AND their customer service! Any time I've called them for anything they have been very polite and patient, and spoke in CLEAR ENGLISH to help me accomplish the task at hand.
I'm really sorry you had such a bad experience, but I just want people to know that such is not always the case.

Sep 03, 2010
Waiting too Long
by: Diana

I have been waiting for over 2 days for them to give me a new number, with my area code. IO have called them twice, after being on hold both times. Both times they said it would only take an hour, still waiting. They transferred my minutes just fine, as I had over 2700 minutes. I don't know whether to call them again, or wait and see.

Aug 18, 2010
Try the official net10 forum
by: sb (admin)

Hi Donna,

Thanks for your detailed post. I suggest you take up this issue at

They have official Net10 reps there who seem to be pretty responsive to these kinds of issues.

While I have done transfers before, it was always at the point of activating a new phone, so I haven't tried testing a phone first before doing the transfer. While I can imagine how that would be technically problematic, customer support should have been able to fix it for you.


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