Sure is pretty. I hate it.

by Ted
(zip 47802)

Nice looking phone. I had a Moto 170 before and wanted one with a camera.

The camera is not much good, and now I am charged 30 sec. for receiving and sending text, I believe because I have only used text once and received one. I do believe it said 30 sec. where I was only using 18 sec. to send and 0 to receive with the moto.

The LG 600 is thinner, slick, harder to hang on to, hard to open and easy to drop. That's no good.

If I had double min. free on my old Moto 170, I would go back to it in a min. I might even go for the Moto 370 which I believe I can get for $30 with double min.

Believe me "Thinner is not better" I really do hate it. I really wouldn't want Tracfone to make money selling me another phone just because they sell one that has a lot of faults.

Also, whoever thinks that the phone works in my zip code is mistaken. That's about the only place it don't work.

But it sure is pretty.
I hate it.

I almost forgot--Phone didn't work for hours and hours with talking to a tech. Always had the same answer that never worked and after several days and many frustrating hours, they sent me a new sim card and now it works fairly well.

Things aren't as convenient on the LG as the Moto.

But it sure is pretty. I hate it.

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Aug 20, 2009
Not Pleased?
by: Anonymous

I take it you're not pleased with it!!

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