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by Mike
(Boston, MA USA)

Man, you do a LOT of work for people and I (we) sure do appreciate it. ... I was within minutes of upgrading my old LG-600-G Tracfone to the newer LG-420-g, and looked over many of your reviews for a replacement. Two key issues for me came up in your reviews and saved me much inconvenience - not to mention thousands of 'under my breath swearing and whining'!

You said: "Some other users have complained that this model (LG420g) is ... harder to flip open than previous TracFone models. I agree; ... "

THANKS ! That has always been a pain in my butt with my current phone. Even my 4 yr old granddaughter has a had time opening it, and she is darn good with cell phones! (I know, that might sound like a good thing, but that little kid can use all my minutes in exchange for one smile.) Often I reach for the phone but cannot open the darn thing in time!

Then you said... "Some people have complained that the font size is too small. I can’t disagree with this – the size of the numbers when dialing a call was smaller on the 420g than on any phone model I tried."

THANK YOU SO MUCH - that is one of the MAIN reasons I have be been looking into a newer phone. I am a bit older than a teenager, and small font sizes are a BIG IRRITATION they can fix with little effort IMHO. (Are you listening LG ?)

Finally you gave sage advice - And I am taking it... "I also don’t think it offers a lot of upgrades over the two year old LG600G, so I’d stick with that one if you’ve got it."

Sage advice, oh wise one... Thanks for saving me time, trouble and aggravation.

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Mar 03, 2011
Thanks for the kind words
by: sb (admin)


That's more praise than I'm used to handling, but thanks! Your comments are also helpful. In fact, the reviews and questions by readers are a huge part of the site. Often, they've figured something out that I couldn't (such as how to delete multiple text messages on the phone).

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