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Tracfone made my LG800G have a problem via some useless Customer Service Reps telling me to do things to the phone that we shouldn't have. So after 3 attempts to send me a NEW LG800G (they kept sending me Reconditioned phones; I didn't buy a Recon phone and don't want one now), they told me they were going to send me a better phone in it's place (the EX124G). I told them I was perfectly happy with my LG 800G until they screwed it up and would rather stay with that, but finally agreed to accept the EX124G.

The reason that Tracfone probably doesn't want to carry them anymore is probably because they are crap. I don't care how much the EX124G cost, the LG800G is a beautiful little phone that, in my opinion, is a much better phone. Sure it's way more convenient to be able to have a Qwerty keyboard come up on the EX124G to write in your Contacts, but here's something that's way more important I believe for most people.

I decided to try out the camera and then send the pics to my email via MMS yesterday on the EX124G. So I took a couple of pictures and a tiny Video and then just went into the Gallery (EX124G calls it the Image Viewer/?) and picked out one of the Pics and hit the correct buttons to set up sending it. Well, the 1st time I tried it wouldn't even let me get to the step after you tell it that we were going to be sending it via MMS, as opposed to the other the supposed choices (email, Bluetooth), and when I hit the Multimedia (MMS) choice a big gray square kept coming up with a little white square in the middle of it that kept showing a yellow cross and saying "Over Size Limit".

Listen, I don't have time for this crap, and, if I didn't need the phone to give back to Tracfone for what better be another Brand New LG800G, I would have tried out a new hammer on it and then put right where it belongs (In The Toilet!).

After playing with it literally all day long (9AM to 4:45PM) while talking with Tracfone while trying to figure out the "solution" (don't buy it is the real solution), I did manage to get a couple of pics to go through on a lark. But, right after one went through, I tried again and the notice came up on the screen again.

Now I'm not a megapixel expert and I do know how to count, but from what I saw on the computer of the pics that I somehow was able to get to go over, as far as I'm concerned the "lowly" 2MP LG800G takes better pics than the "Big Shot" 3MP EX124G. I even had trouble trying to focus on a subject to do a simple little test shot. You can see even before you take a pic that it is a much clearer image, etc on the LG800G.

Believe me, if I lived closer to the Tracfone Florida location of the "Resolution Center/Head Office", I would be over there verbally pounding on them instead of these keys. When they told me they were going to send me the EX124G in place of the LG800G, I asked them were they were getting it, seeing that I was told a long time ago that they weren't carrying them anymore, and they told me that they would never order any of them to sell ever again, but they had a few left in the warehouse (thanks a lot).

If you ask around, you will find that most people that had them (EX124Gs) to sell, like Radio Shack, etc, sent cases of them back and got them out of their stores. Is anyone getting a message here yet, or is it not able to go through like the pics?


Thanks for the long contribution. Regarding the MMS messages, there is a 600 KB file size limit for MMS messages. Pictures taken with a 3MP camera are usually over that limit, but not necessarily. It depends on the picture. A picture of a solid white wall will probably be less than 600 KB even if you take it with a 3MP camera. On the other hand a picture of a plants with flowers and leaves is another story. Phone often let you resize a picture before sending, but I don't remember whether this one does or not.

I like the 800g myself, but I gave the EX124g a positive review due to its email capability. The main drawback for me is that it is difficult to use without the stylus.

sb (admin)

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