Three days to a downgrade

by HH

My experience was terrible, frustrating, and then my service got worse. I've had Tracfones for years, but, recently, some changes have me looking for another company.

First, the call center has been outsourced to India. This means you have people who may speak adequate English yet have no real command of the language. They are reading a script and have practically no hands on experience with the different types of phones. This made it very difficult to communicate a problem that was not related to anything already scripted.

It has taken three days with about six operators, and three supervisors to find out why I have one phone that works perfectly and a newer phone (same make and model) has no service bars at the other end of the couch. The new phone only works out in the yard.

I was given a complicated explanation about switching to a different grade of service. I managed to get across to the operator/supervisor that all the phones I have were purchased from Tracfone, and that I expected both of them to work.

After I stood out in my yard and tried the phone I was told that it worked and his job was done. No apologies, no refund offer only the suggestion to wait a few days that maybe the problem would go away.

How did this make me feel?


While it's good to upgrade some things a company should take care of their older customers.

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