Total frustration and no ending in sight

by Hal

My annual phone expires on Dec15, As I am out of the country until Spring next year I need to top up on line. I trust the fact that I won't be able to activate my phone till I'm back in the USA wont matterh? However right now I can't even get into my account. Ben tried to help claiming to provide s link to change my password, but that did not work. All it did was direct me back to the same problem screen, I enter my account name and password, the screen does the green icon waiting thing and stops.

Diego was the 5th "chat" operator who simply "pulled the plug" when this request got beyond me. He did however provide a ticket number : 1190577210. But that was for a within 24 hours response at around 11pm 14 Sept 18!!!!!

All I need is for my service to be extended by a further year. I can pay on line by credit card or Paypal. Surely that shouldn't be so hard to arrange?

What happened in the end? Nothing - a big fat zero. At the very least they should have emailed me back and fixed the website problem. Totally annoyed and frustrated.

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