How to Download Tracfone Ringtones

Here's how to get Tracfone ringtones. It’s not free, but unless you get a new ringtone everyday, it's not that bad.

In the video below, you see an example of downloading it directly to your phone using the phone's web browser. It's pretty quick.

What follows is a description of how you can also go through your computer first. This description is from a while back and the process seems to have improved a lot. Anyway, you go to the Tracfone ringtones page.

Enter your phone's ESN/IMEI number and phone number. You can get your IMEI number by going to the “Prepaid” menu of your Tracfone and selecting IMEI.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can listen to and order ringtones. All the ringtones appear to cost $1.99 or 11.94 airtime units. It’s easiest to have the airtime deducted as you don’t have to hand over a credit card. I admit I don’t really care about ringtones, but as a public service I decided to get one.

Now the site must be quite busy, because often the play button doesn’t work properly and you’re unable to hear the ringtone. This happened several times. I even got an error message: “Error, product not in user’s catalog.” Well, then why show it? Tracfone needs to improve this if they really want to be in the business of selling ringtones.

Okay, so I didn’t get a ringtone, because the only ringtone that played for me was instrumental part of “This is Why I’m Hot,” and I can’t put that on my phone!

You can also buy graphics to use as wallpaper. These have lovely titles like “Crouching on the Bed” and “Beauty in the Sand”. All apparently targeted at 20-somethings with 14 year-old mentalities (actual 14-year olds aren’t like this). Just pretend you don’t see the graphics.

You can however get some neat “Father’s Day” animated graphics which say things like “Best Dad in the World” and the always welcome “I love you Daddy”.

Net 10 ringtones

The procedure for ordering Net10 ringtones is exactly the same as the one for ordering Tracfone ringtones. Not surprising as both Tracfone and Net10 are subsidiaries of the same company. 

You have to again enter your ESN/IMEI number and phone number on one page to be taken to their ordering page.

You can also download games.