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I want to transfer my contact list from one LG290C to another but no one seems able to do this. I contacted Straight Talk and they say I can't do this. So now I must type in over 90 numbers by hand. This is crazy!! Has any one done this transfer or am I doomed??


You can probably do it via Bluetooth. I don't have two of these phones with me, so I can't be positive, but I was able to transfer all the contacts from a 290C to an LG420g via Bluetooth in one shot and back from an LG900g to the 290C.

Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on both your phones and make them both visible. Then pair the devices. The phones do not need to be active with Straight Talk - I tested this on an inactive inactive handset.

On your phone with all the contacts, go to your contact list and view one contact. Then select Options -> Send via Bluetooth. Select your other phone as the device you want to send the contacts to. Click Options -> Select All to select all your contacts and click OK. Then click Send. On your receiving phone you have to accept the transfer and then you should be all set.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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May 18, 2013
290c broken screen
by: Janet

So, can someone tell me the steps to do this "blindly"? I would imaginne that if I knew the order of the involved menus, I could accomplish this task. Thanks

Apr 16, 2012
Life saver
by: Buddy

Thank you so much. I followed your instructions
to transfer contacts and it worked perfectly. Thanks again.

Dec 22, 2011
by: sb (admin)

Thanks. Actually the long story sounds interesting, You can submit it as a separate guest contribution if you'd like.


Dec 22, 2011
Syncing does work - with adjustments
by: Anonymous

You can absolutely use the Bluetooth option to sync your contacts. I just did it last night from my Droid X2 to my new LG290c (long story, don't ask). The only thing I couldn't find was how to get them all to sync at once, so I ended up viewing each contact I wanted to sync, hitting a couple of buttons and it was done. It really didn't take that long to do just under 90 contacts, and that way I also didn't sync contacts I no longer wanted.

One thing to note: Straight Talk told me that this phone had a place for addresses, but it DOES NOT! I am using the memo portion of the contacts list to put in the address. That's the downside for me, while the name, phone numbers, and email addresses for everyone synced, I now have to type in the real addresses. Oh well....

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