Transfer MP3's via USB

by Roy

LG 900g USB cable connection

LG 900g USB cable connection

So far I love this fone. I hooked the usb to my computer and was able to transfer only two songs to the fone, what's up with that? Am I missing a step? both the songs play, but i can not use as a ringtone. Any help?

Hi Roy,

I can thing of one possible reason. I have been able to transfer entire albums of mp3 (and wma) files to the phone and then play them. Originally I had transferred the files directly to the memory card using an SD adapter except for a couple of files via Bluetooth.

However, after getting your question, I took a usb data cable I had lying around and connected the phone to my laptop. I then got a confirmation on the phone's screen and selected "Mass Storage". After that it said "Mass storage connected" on the phone screen and the phone showed up in the Windows (file) Explorer on my computer.

Choose the Drive for the Memory Card

Actually, two external drives (E: and F:) were visible in Windows Explore. These corresponded to the phone's internal memory and the microsd memory card in the phone. In my case the memory card was the first drive (E:) and the phone's internal memory showed up as the second drive (F:). You can check to make sure which drive it is by clicking on "Computer" in Windows Explorer to see a list of your drives. The size of the phone's internal memory is only about 15 MB, while the size of the memory card will probably be a 2 GB or higher.

If you tried to transfer your music to the drive corresponding to the phone's internal memory then you would only have been able to fit a couple of songs. Hopefully, that was the problem. Otherwise, I'm stuck.

Using MP3's as Ringtones

There seems to be a size limit on mp3 files that can be used as a ringtone. Basically, it looks like it has to be a short clip rather than a full song. I haven't really checked the limit on LG 900g, but I remember it was about 300 KB on the LG 420g. (For those interested, the Motorola EX124g can use full-length songs as ringtones.)

So if you wanted to use an MP3 as a ringtone, you would have to clip the track. I did a quick search and the first site that seems to do that is MP3Cut. I haven't tried it myself however. You can also download software like Audacity to your computer and do it there if you don't want to upload your file to a website.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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