Two Months and No Phone

by Betty M.
(Greensboro NC, USA)

I have been trying to receive a replacement phone since the first of March. My journey began in February when I contacted Tracfone about the phone not working. I was told I would receive a package to return the phone in 7-10 days. I did not receive the package. It took 2 more calls to have the package sent to me.

Returned Phone but no Replacement Sent

I returned the phone and followed up, but they did not know if they had received the phone. Evidently poor communication. I have made several phone calls and been hung up on twice. It is April 26th, and I still do not have a phone.

My last call was on April 8th. I was told the phone had not been ordered but they were putting in the order and I would have it in 7-11 days. It has been longer than that and I am still without a phone and have been paying for minutes for 2 months without a phone.

Bad Communication

I feel like there is no communication or follow-up, and no one cares about the consumer. I did receive an e-mail from Tracfone, but due to limited amount of time given was unable to respond.

There were several people I spoke with who had no idea what was going on even with a reference number. I was given the impression that my contacts with the company were being reported (on a computer?). I will be trying again today to contact customer service and see what the excuse is today. I know that several of my friends who were thinking about purchasing Tracfones have now decided not too.


Improve communication and track phone calls so anyone the customer speaks with knows what has been going on.

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Apr 27, 2016
Two Months and No Phone.
by: EmotionalZombie7997

Go to the Tracfone Facebook page. You may be able to get more help there. They do not want people unhappy on their Facebook page, because everyone can read it.

Hopefully you will receive your new phone once you visit the Facebook page.


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