Update: Could not transfer number to Samsung T301g online

by sb (admin)

Following the same procedure above, I was unable to transfer my number from an old Motorola W175g to a new Samsung T301g.

I got an "Incorrect phone number" message even though I'm sure I typed everything in correctly.

I had to call Tracfone customer service and do it over the telephone.

I had to give the sames Serial numbers of the old and new phones that I entered online. Then I had to go into code entry mode on the old phone in order and enter a few codes in order to to transfer out the minutes on the old phone to the new phone.

The offline procedure worked, but I don't know why it didn't work online.

Transferring a number from a Motorola phone to an LG phone worked fine, but not when going from a Motorola to a Samsung.

No service in my area

by mama
(galion, ohio)

After purchasing a newer updated tracfone, I tried to transfer my number and minutes. It took over a week for the number to transfer, and I was short over 400 minutes. After numerous phone calls to customer service and two hours on the phone one day I find out that the phone I purchased DOES NOT have service in my area! THEN WHY WAS IT SOLD HERE??

What a mess! Now I am thinking of going back to my old reliable phone.

Browser compatibility: Use IE?

by Chuck
(Pittsburgh, PA)

When transferring minutes, DO NOT use the Firefox browser, instead use Internet Explorer. When using Firefox there is a problem displaying the page where you have to enter the phone serial number, however with IE there is no problem displaying the page.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the tip. This must be a recent issue as I recall using Firefox in the past. Perhaps due to the recent site redesign. I'll check back on this issue the next time I have to do a transfer.

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