Samsung Tracfone Smartphones and Sliders

Many Samsung Tracfone handsets (including a couple of 5G models) are available to you if you want to switch to a prepaid cell phone from a  standard post-paid plan.

Current Samsung Tracfone Models

These Samsung Tracfones are currently available.

  • Galaxy A53 5G  (S536DL) $279.99
  • Galaxy A32 5G (S326DL) $249.99
  • Galaxy A13 (S136DL) $169.99
  • Galaxy A12 (S127DL) $149.99
  • Galaxy A03s (S134DL) $59.99
  • Galaxy A02s (S124DL) $69.99

Older Models

These are a few Samsung TracFones previously available:

  • Samsung Galaxy Centura Android phone
  • the S390G phone with WiFi,
  • the R455C, S425g, T404gA and S380C QWERTY slider phones,
  • T330g numeric slider phone,
  • the S125Gg and S150g open-face basic phone,
  • and the T245g basic flip phone.

Below, you can find a quick description of each phone and a link to the full review if available.

Android 4.0 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Centura is one of the five Android phones available from Tracfone along with the new data cards that supplement the regular airtime cards.

QWERTY Phone with WiFi

samsung s390g

Samsung S390G

The latest triple minutes phone, the Samsung S390G, has a vertically-oriented QWERTY keyboard and 2 MP camera. It has WiFi capability, so you don't have to use your airtime for data when you have access to local network. It's also a triple minutes phone.

Slider Phones

Samsung R455C

The Samsung R455C slider has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a QWERTY keyboard. This triple minutes phone apparently runs on the Verizon network.

Samsung T404g and S425G

The Samsung T404g and S425G slider phones come with a 2MP camera and music player. They also comes with triple minutes for life so each minute of airtime you buy is worth three minutes when added to these phones.

Basic Tracfones

The T245g flip phone and the S125G and S150g candy-bar style phone provide basic features and good reliability.

Get One

The only thing missing from this selection is a touchscreen. For that you have to look at LG or Motorola.

Otherwise, you should be able to find a Samsung Tracfone that fits your needs.

Older Models

T101G and T105g

The basic Samsung T101g and its immediate successor, the T105g are basic, lightweight phones with up to 19 days standby time, making it a good candidate for a phone you’re not going to use very often.

T101G Manual

The T101G manual (pdf).

The T101g was replaced by the T105g.


The Samsung T155g flip phone adds mobile web access to its basic features.

This phone was also marketed separately as a Senior Value Cell Phone (SVC) in some retail stores but has been replaced by the Alcatel Big Easy.