Which is better motorola ex124g or the lg 800g?

by tyler

I'm looking to buy a touch screen tracfone but which one is better? thank you and by the way its tyreba from youtube :D

Hi Tyler/Tyreba,

Thanks for checking out the site! I reviewed both phones, and I basically like both of them. Now that they're both available as Triple minutes phones, the cost of owning them apart from the initial purchase is basically the same.

What I like about the LG 800g

The LG 800g is more compact (and cuter) than the Motorola phone. It's also probably a little lighter, though I don't think I've weighed them. This also means that the screen is a little smaller as well, however, but I find it's large enough. The on/off power button and screen switch is on the top which is a little more convenient than the switch on the side for the EX124g. The web and checking out Facebook works pretty well on the phone, though it does cost you airtime of course. Also, there are two games included with the LG 800g and there were none with the Motorola model.

And the EX124g

There are a couple of things the EX124g has that the LG model doesn't. The first is an email client. So you can actually set up this phone to receive and store mail from multiple email accounts (though one is set as the default email). On the LG phone, you have to check email as best as you can through the web browser (or add a java mobile email app).

The other thing the EX124g has is a built-in stylus which is a great help for people (like me) who have difficulty selecting small buttons on the screen. This may not be as much of an issue for you.

The EX124g has a higher resolution camera as well - 3 megapixel as opposed to the 2 MP camera on the LG. Both phones actually take pretty good pictures however.

Lastly, Based on what other users have said, if you're really into music and storing a ton of songs, then the EX124g is able to use larger memory cards apparently up to 32GB. The LG phone on the other hand is only confirmed to go up to at least 4 GB as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps! Let us know what you choose in the end!

sb (admin)

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Apr 30, 2013
ex124g stylus
by: Doug

I own the ex124g from TracFone. Two weeks after I got the phone, the plastic top of the stylus fell off and was lost. I tried to Motorola and TracFone to obtain a new stylus, but NOBODY sells the stylus. So I had to replace the phone.

I've also owned the LG 800g and wish I had kept THAT phone.

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