Why do my text messages cost 1.5 units and not arrive?

by sherry

LG 420g long text message

LG 420g long text message

I don't know how it happened but, when I send a text message it costs 1.50 units instead of .30 units and the person receiving it is charged .50 units and they don't even get my message!

Hi Sherry,

It sounds like the messages are being sent not as text messages but as MMS (multimedia messages) which are usually reserved for sending photos or video or audio messages. MMS messages do cost at least 1.5 units.

There is one setting where text messages can go out as MMS messages. That's when the messages is longer than the allowed 160 characters. If you go to:

Menu -> Messages -> Message Settings (you have to scroll all the way down) -> Text Messages -> Send Long Text As

You will see the choice to send the long text message as multiple text messages or as an MMS messages. Usually Multiple SMS (text) is selected by default but perhaps your phone is set to send them as MMS messages.

The other part of the mystery, the receiver not getting the message is a little puzzling. Since they're charged 0.5 units something has been received. When I tested it by send a long text to a Tracfone Motorola EX124g, there was a alert an MMS message has been received and a request for permission to download it. When I said yes, it deducted a whole minute. The actual download process seemed a little wonky. At first the EX124g kept saying downloading but it didn't download, so I clicked "End". I went back to that phone's message inbox a minute later, and the message was there.

Okay, so I hope this is what is going on with your phone so that this description was of some help. If not, perhaps you can try Tracfone's customer service.

sb (admin)

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