Why Me?

by Dennis S.
(Chelmsford Mass 01824)

I have made 25 chats, at least 30 phone calls and call backs. It started in December. My phone froze up. I called tech, and they fixed it for 5 minutes. Then it froze up again. I called Jan 3 was told I need a new phone. I bought this phone in November. I was told I would get a new phone right away.

I am a heart failure patient I need my phone always. A week went by with no phone. I called back and was told to send the broken phone back. I did, and they got it on Feb 15th. I have chatted and called every day. I have been lied to multiple times.

It is now March 2, and I am waiting for my third call back of the day. I am still tring to get an honest answer. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced.

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