Works Well & So Compact

by mikey

Had one in service for more than 18 months. Only retired it for a higher resolution camera on the LG430g. (1.3 mp vs VGA)

Found out the 430g has a defect that doesn't allow you to use the web browser, or send & receive photos. Bummer! This issue could be fixed, but only by calling tracfone customer service.

Not my favorite thing to do, so I went to the LG440g phone to solve that problem.

The 420g is great little phone...was in service longer than any other phone I've had...and I was sad when it was retired to the kitchen drawer.

Really like LG phones. They have the best menu system, bar none! Logical key strokes...looks, works and feels like a well designed product should. My first cell phones were all Motorola, but sadly they have fallen by the wayside...with LG and others picking up the slack.

If everything worked as well as the 420g, the world would be a better for it.

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