Worst Phone Ever

by Alien818
(Salt Lake City, UT)

The biggest problem that I have with the features on this phone is that there is no working calendar on it. It just shows the dates, you can't enter anything in the dates. I have had 3 similarly priced Motorola phones before this phone, and they all had working calendars. I could put events on my calendar, and they would give me a reminder of those events. No such luck with this phone.

Second problem that I encountered with the T105g is that sometimes you can't hear the phone ringing when you are calling out. I don't like to waste my minutes on someone's answering machine that they don't check - I hang up after 4 rings - sometimes you just can't tell when you can't hear it ringing.

THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS PHONE is the design defect that calls the police while it is in your pocket or the baby gets a hold of it - this has happened about 10 times over the several months that I have had this phone. Hold down 0 and then hit another button and the cops are called. It is no fun when the cops come to your door because your phone decided you needed company. Maybe it is the rounded shape that makes the 0 get depressed, I don't know. Worst phone I have ever owned.


Thanks for your comments. On your last point, no one else has ever complained on this site about the phone accidentally calling 911, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Have you tried turning on the auto keypad lock so that it doesn't accidentally dial a number while it's in your pocket?

sb (admin)

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