Wrong phone number shown

The phone number that appears on the My Phone Number screen in the Prepaid menu is not the correct phone number for this phone. The number that is showing is apparently for a landline in a neighboring town.

How can I delete this number and enter the correct number?

Thanks for any help.


I haven't seen this one before. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can just change this phone number yourself. Before I go on, let me make sure I have the facts straight.

I assume your (refurbished?) phone currently works and dials and receives calls successfully from and to a new or ported phone number. That number is sent via text message upon activation. That should also be the number displayed on the caller id of anyone receiving your call.

However, when you check the My Phone number screen, a different phone number is displayed which happens to be assigned to a nearby landline.

You should call up Tracfone customer support (or Net10 if you have their version) and let them try and fix it. I have had a number mix-up once before because an activation did not go through successfully, but in that case I wasn't able to make any calls. Your case is apparently different.

If this is not the case and another scenario such applies such as . . .

Scenario 2:

Your phone works but appears to receive and dial calls at the wrong phone number rather than your own number which you have ported from another phone. In this case, perhaps this is a temporary number assigned until your phone number ports from your non-Tracfone number. In that case you may have to wait a few days before the port goes through. Still, you're phone number should not be assigned to and should not display someone else's active number.

If you're just waiting for the port, this situation may resolve itself, but I would call up customer support anyway.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

sb (admin)

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