You're better off with two cans and a string!

by Chuck Johnson
(Bakersfield, CA)

I recently began service with Virgin Mobile (03-14-11). Well that's when they accepted my money and began causing me a world of misery. Thus far, I've had virtually NO service. If I can get a web connection it fails. The phone and text are at best, hit-and-miss. A low price is only a good deal if you get something out of it.

Virgin Moble may be a good deal if you live directly under one of their towers, but in a rural area, don't waste your money. I could forgive a few hiccups if not for the fact they have a fake email address. Yes, FAKE!

This email address does NOT take you anywhere. Certainly not on their weak network. And good luck with the convoluted Virgin Mobile website. That's another nightmare for a different time...

Bottom line, you get what you pay for.



Thanks for your comments, however, I should note that this appears to be the second prepaid phone company you've criticized on this site in the last few days (the first comment was about problems with Tracfone).

From what I know, Virgin relies on Sprint's network. Tracfone relies on either the AT&T or Verizon network depending on your area. I don't know which company has the best coverage in your area, but I would go with that one.

sb (admin)

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Apr 10, 2011
Fair enough.
by: sb (admin)

Fair enough. It wasn't clear to me what exactly caused the Tracfone mixup. Let us know how it all works out.


Apr 10, 2011
Still complaining!
by: Chuck Johnson (again)

You are correct; I have complained about both TracFone and Virgin Mobile. But you'll note that the issues are two very different ones.

My issue withTracFone is purely the fact they allowed someone to simply claim to be me and disconnect my service upon which I rely for work. And the outragous amount of time spent on "hold" with customer service. I might add the customer service people are exceptionally polite and friendly.

Their coverage is outstanding. I got flawless coverage even in areas where I could get no bars and TracFone claimed to not even serve!

The quality of service with Virgin Mobile is another story altogether. While the service people are equally polite, they appear to only be in a position to take reports. For that, I would much prefer to email my concerns and receive a written response. That can't be done because the email address for Virgin Mobile does not register when sent. Their web page does no better.

My next phone will surely be somethong offered by AT&T or Verizon as both provide excellant coverage in my little corner of the world.

Chuck Johnson
Bakersfield, CA

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