A Pretty Decent Little Phone

by Jen Coroes

I bought this a few months ago and thought I’d give it a whirl even though I’ve only ever used a Nokia phone before. It was nice and small, which is a definite plus because so many phones these days are huge, almost too big to fit in your pocket.

My fingers are a little fat so it was kind of hard to press some of the buttons, but I got used to it after a little while. I don’t text much, but if I had to do that a lot I think I’d get a phone with a bigger keypad.

The battery doesn’t long as my last phone’s battery did, but I like the 30+ ringtones on the C261 better than the Nokia. This model comes with a camera which is a plus, but it doesn’t take the best pictures so don’t expect much!
The internet is almost unusable on the small screen, I don’t even bother with it.

If you want a very basic phone.

by Miriam Warren
(Tulsa Oklahoma)

I got the C261 for my son. He is 11 years old, and since I wanted him to have a basic, bare-bones phone that was prepaid so I could keep track of the minutes, I thought this was a good choice.

The first Tracfone which I had selected for him did not include a camera, and he really desperately wanted one, so I was thrilled to find this model! It has a perfectly decent camera and in fact I've been very surprised at the photo quality. He took a photo of our dog which might be as good as anything I have taken on my Blackberry. He does not like the fact that it's rather complicated to send photos to other people, but as I told him , he has a camera after all, and that is what he asked for!

The phone has good sound quality, pretty easy to operate, and it performs all the basic phone functions quite well. Internet on this phone is just really not possible( very much difficult to do), but I prefer it that way considering it's for an 11 year old! The speakerphone is VERY good, better in fact than the speakerphone on many higher priced phones. All told, a good basic phone, especially as a starter phone.

No Calendar

by Otis
(Ocala, FL)

While I agree with this good review of the phone, the reason I place this in the unacceptable category for my TF use, is NO Calendar!

I can't understand how a phone that they bother to put a camera on wouldn't have something as basic as a calendar, which I find MUCH more important than a camera that can't even download photos without being charged.

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