At Walmart w/ Double Mins & accessories $9.88

by Tim K.

First, thanks for you due diligence on this site.

I recently purchased a T105g Tracfone from Walmart for $9.88 - in a kit set up - it comes in a box with accessories and double minutes for life. It also comes with 20 free minutes.

The accessories include a leatherette cover to hang from your belt, a charger for your car, and a head set.

I bought it for the price in a pinch. Because of your site, I knew the importance of double minutes for life, so I would have opted for the more expensive slide phone if it didn't have the double minutes.

When I saw the double minutes, I opted for the cheaper phone. I also figured the accessories would come in handy... and so far, though I prefer to keep everything in my pockets, because I have to much junk to tote with me, I use the cover attached to my belt. I also found the car charger handy. I've yet to use the head set.

My first choice would have been to buy the i-wireless slide phone for $39, sold from Fry's Food stores (Kroger), in my hometown of Mesa - as it comes with 400 minutes. I would have opted to pay $5 a month for 10 cent a minute calls. But I was in Kansas City when I needed it, so I just rushed to Walmart and found this bargain lying there.

I also bought a $29 120 minute phone card. That gave me 240 minutes for about the price that I would have paid from the I-wireless phone. While not as good of a bargain, not bad.

Note: I opt for the prepaid, in part because I've spent a lot of time overseas... usually four months overseas, two months here, so signing a contract doesn't make sense for me.

I also have one of the new Ipod 4gs and use that as a phone (Skype and yahoo messenger, primarily, for out bound calls when I'm in a wifi environment... though there is also an app, called whistler that lets you make free outbound calls but you have to endure a 15 second ad.

The Ipod is helpful because I can use it overseas, especially for calls back to the U.S. for cheap prices. Unfortunately, it doesn't function in a lot of situations, thus the need for the Tracfone.

Again, thanks for your web site. Just thought I'd give you the heads-up on the cheap Tracfone at Walmart so you can pass on to your readers. I'm sure it will help save some money for some people.

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Feb 22, 2011
Double minutes version now available directly from Tracfone
by: sb (admin)

Note the double minutes version of the T105g (and the T155g) are now available directly from Tracfone's website. Shipping is free if the total purchase is 19.99 or more.

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