Battery Life and good for first-time user?

by Patrick
(Bremen, GA)

How is the battery life on this phone? Also, would this be a good phone for a first-time user of a smart phone?

Hi Patrick,

The battery life on this phone is fine compared to the other Tracfones. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight and how long the screen stays on while idle if you want to extend the battery life.

I would not really call the Motorola EX124G a true smart phone compared to say an Android phone or an iPhone. Still it does have a dedicated email client in addition to a web browser, and it does have the ability to run java apps.

The main advantages of this phone are the set of advanced features for the price and the ability to use it with Tracfone's prepaid plan, which can run less than $10 per month if you don't use very much airtime. Of course, when getting a touchscreen phone like this, most people would want to use it, so you also have the option to get the Net10 (or even Straight Talk in some areas) version and use it on the $25 or $30 per month plans.

I think it's relatively easy to use, but you do need to use the stylus that is included with the phone. I'm not sure what you mean by first-time user. Do you mean first-time user of a touchscreen phone or first-time user of a cell phone.

The touch screen is something that's pretty easy
to get used to. In fact, now when I use a non-touchscreen phone, I catch myself trying to press or drag stuff around on that screen before realizing it's not a touchscreen phone!

If you don't want to use a stylus however, I would consider the LG 800g which has larger icons and onscreen buttons.

sb (admin)

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Nov 23, 2011
First-time user
by: Patrick

I meant first-time user of smart phone. I have a standard cell phone, which I've had for about 3 years now. I've been thinking of getting a smart phone, but preferred to stick to Tracfone or other prepaid providers.

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