Can you use LG Optimus Net with the $30 card? No.

by John Mulligan
(Touchet, Washington)

I want to buy the LG Optimus Net, and I was wondering if I could buy the $30 card and use it with my android phone.

Hi John,

No, I'm afraid the LG Optimus Net from can only be used with the $50 per month unlimited plan. Similarly, with the Straight Talk smart phones, you have to use them with their $45 unlimited plans. This makes sense since you'll probably be using a lot of data.

On the other hand, you may be thinking that these phones have WiFi capability, and since you have access to a WiFi network most of the time then you could use that and save your airtime.

If you're really intent on trying out that option, you can consider PlatinumTel which offers an Android phone that you can use with their "Real PayGo" plan. Their Android unlimited plan costs a bit more at $55 per month.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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