Compared to LG 420g?

by David

I plan to order either this or a LG 420g. I would appreciate any information that you can provide to help me decide.

Are there any significant differences between those two phones (other than form factor)?

Are both GSM? Do both have free incoming text messages?

Do both have passthrough to any URL on the web (either directly or via a link from google)? Are web charges by the minute?

Do both have sufficient tactile key separation so that one can text without looking at the keys? Are keys and controls large enough so that it is easy to press the desired key rather than an adjacent control?

The LG420g has a hot key toggle between normal and predictive text mode. Does the T301g also?

Are there differences in the reception sensitivity, and speech clarity?

Are features like camera and bluetooth equivalent, or is one phone better than the other in this regard.

Any other significant differences?

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Apr 21, 2011
Samsung T301g vs. LG 420g
by: DoctorM

I have the LG 420G. My wife and daughter each have a Samsung T301.

1. The LG 420G can upload and download picture and audio files to/from the computer via blu-tooth. The Samsung T301 can't. The blu-tooth on the Samsung 301T apparantly is only for headphones.

2. Reception depends on the actual contract carrier - AT&T vs Verizon or other, which is controlled by the sim card. If you have poor reception on one carrier, TracFone will send you a new sim card for the other. I don't note any practical reception difference in my area - Austin, TX.

3. My girls seem to prefer the Samsung slide design, while I prefer the StarTrek communicator clamshell design ("Kirk to Enterprise, come in Spock.")

4. I don't text, so I can't tell you which is better for texting.

For all I can tell, all the other features are pretty similar. Since they are only $20, you could buy one of each, and see which one you like best, and return the one you don't. For the money, they are both feature rich.

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