Coverage spotty but good phone and customer service

by Caitlin
(New York City, New York, USA)

I had a Cricket phone for around six months a few years back. The phone itself was a good phone, and the prices for everything were pretty reasonable. The only real problem I had with the phone was with the service that was provided.

You would not get service everywhere like you do with most other carrier plans, and the service would just go out at places even in the town I had my primary service in. The service would also go out when there were poor weather conditions and also when you would go out of town - especially if it was to someplace like the mountains or a hilly area. You also usually could not get service if you went out of state, and definitely do not get service if you tried to use it in a foreign country.

Besides the service issue, the phone was pretty good and the customer service was always extremely good.

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