Frustrated - Can't connect to PC via Bluetooth

Cannot get the phone to find my PC with Bluetooth. Likewise, my PC can't seem to find it. Any suggestions? Thanks


Unfortunately, the T301g's Bluetooth only allows for pairing with a headset. If you want to transfer pictures, you'll have to send them via picture message to an email contact in your phonebook. I have not had any success trying to connect this phone to the PC via Bluetooth.

The LG 420g does allow you to transfer connect and transfer photos via Bluetooth.


Can't download pics via USB either

by Anonymous

Just started using this model this year. My frustration is being unable to download the 49 pics by usb to my computer.


Yeah, it seems to be one of the drawbacks of this phone that you have to send your photos via picture message which, of course, uses up your airtime. I haven't tried via a cable, but I know that you can't do it via Bluetooth either. This was indeed frustrating when I discovered that to be the case. Although, at that point, none of the handsets offered by Tracfone allowed Bluetooth file transfer.

I still liked it as a phone because it had a larger screen (compared to other Tracfones) and was reliable. The LG 420g I have does do Bluetooth file transfer, though the picture quality is just so so. I have heard from one person however that some versions of the 420g may not allow this, but I haven't gotten confirmation.

You could upgrade to the LG 620g slider phone from Net10 which does offer Bluetooth file transfer. The service does cost at least $15 a month, though.

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