Frustrated with purchase in Wisconsin

by Frustrated TracFone customer
(Central Wisconsin)

The phone itself may be great, but the TracFone handling is awful.

I wanted to upgrade to a camera phone, so bought this at my local retailer, 10 miles down the road. Called TracFone to transfer my account, was told this phone is not accessible in my area. The retailer will not accept the return because I had to open the package to get the serial number for TracFone.

After TWO HOURS on the phone with 'customer service' asking why the have retailers selling phones that are not usable in this area, TracFone offered to replace the phone at no additional cost to me. But they would replace it with a model LG200, which is the most primitive bare-bones phone they've got - no camera, no bluetooth, no web access - not at all comparable products. They told me they have retailers sell this model 'because you don't always purchase in the same area where you use it'. Fair enough. But during those many instances of being put on hold, I went to TracFone's website and entered zip codes of various areas to see exactly where this phone could be used. So far I have not found one. I'm in central Wisconsin. Besides the zip code of the store where I purchased the phone and all adjacent and communities over all adjacent counties, I've tried Green Bay, Stevens Point, Wausau, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis - and not one of them lists the LG600 as a model that can be used in those areas.

So you can buy it; you can admire all the cool features; but apparently just can't actually use it.

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Jun 08, 2010
Should have given you an LG220C at least
by: sb (admin)

Dear Frustrated,

I took a quick look at what's available for Manitowoc. They could have offered an LG220C which at least has Bluetooth, though no camera, and retails for $19.99 on their site. The better LG290C which adds a camera costs just $10 more at $29.99.

Perhaps you could still contact them and see if they will accommodate you?

Thanks again for your comments.


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