Happy with phones in semi-rural area

by Gaviota
(Baxter County, Arkansas)

I got two of these phones. I buy 300 minutes of airtime for $30 every two months for each phone, so my wife and I spend $15/mo each for our phones, which is better than the best contract calling plans. Of course, we're middle-aged and don't live on our phones, whereas my twenty-something daughter couldn't survive without 1200 minutes/month.

I have had zero problems with the LG 600g phones. Even in my semi-rural area, I get full signal bars everywhere I go. The battery life is excellent. I only have to charge my phone about 3 times every two weeks. We use Bluetooth when driving or working, and have had no problems with connections. And I don't really give a rat's butt about ringtones. I use a phone to talk, not entertain strangers.

The only problems we've had involve a wall charger that went bad a year after we bought them, and a persistent problem with ordering minutes over the website.

I agree with other posters that customer service does indeed suck. Big time. If they are going to hire Pakistanis and Indians to man the phones, they should be proficient in English. It doesn't have to be British Home Counties English, but even an American Yankee shouldn't be having to repeat "What?" eighteen times in a single call.

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