Help to program tracfone when no land phone available

by Micheline
(Wauchula, Florida)

This is to tell Tracfone company that they should insist that we get service when purchasing tracfone.

We wanted to purchase a phone from Walmart but had to go to 4 different Walmarts (one hour and half from where we were) Wauchula - Crystal Lake before we found a salesperson (excessively helpful) to help us program the tracfone. She realises that if we purchase a tracfone is because we do not have a landline available. How can we be sure to have help for purchasing a tracfone for next year without going to a different area for service.


Once you have activated your phone, you can add minutes either online or on your phone without having to call, so you don't need a landline.

If you have access to internet and a credit card, you can go to Tracfone's website and buy airtime.

If you don't have access to the internet, you can buy an airtime card from Walmart or any other store. The card will have instructions on how to add the airtime.

As long as you keep adding airtime before the service end date or before minutes expire, your service will stay active and you won't need to call Tracfone.

Hope this helps.


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Feb 10, 2015
Tracfone doesn't listen
by: Anonymous

I think Tracfone Customer Service Representatives are either plain Stupid or don’t understand English. I am very gentle person; but every time I have problem and I have to talk or chat with Tracfone CSR, I could strangle them. Only thing good about Tracfone is their price. I refuse to pay more than $20 per month for phone service. I would be willing to pay more if they had better CSR. I don’t understand why choice of cell phone itself related to my zip code. I don’t like any phone they offer in my area.

Aug 24, 2014
Tracfone doesn't listen
by: Prorkba

This is typical of Tracfone and Straight Talk. Their CSR scripts do not include listening to their customers nor reading between the lines of a customer's complaint to understand the real problem. This person was basically saying, "I do not have extra phones lying around to use to set up the Tracfone (in this case) I just bought. And, Tracfone seems to ignore this fact." While Micheline's issue had to do with getting the phone operating in the first place, the respondent jumped to how to buy minutes after the phone was functioning completely ignoring the customer and the LEGITIMATE complaint. Tracfone and Straight Talk need to start getting it: customers are using these phones as their only phones, there is not a "second phone," the "other phone," the "second line," the "other line." It's absolutely maddening to talk to their support team when it comes to resolving simple issues. It's why I'm ditching both and going back to a major carrier.

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