how do i play and record music

by dawn
(lake worth)

lg 420g amr file in sounds folder

lg 420g amr file in sounds folder

I bought a new lg420g tracfone and would like to know how to play and record music on it. In media it has no play list thank you for your help.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your question. The LG 420g doesn't officially have a music player or mp3 player where you can create playlists etc. For that you have to get one of the newer models like the LG 500g or Motorola EX124g.

Voice Recorder
Still, there are a couple of things you can do to listen to music on the LG 420g. You can use the voice recorder to record music over the air. The resulting recordings are stored in the .amr file format which is also one commonly used for ringtones. This way you can assign any sounds you record as a ringtone.

Sounds Folder
Once you have recorded a sound with the voice recorder it goes in the voice recordings folder which you can access from Menu -> My Folder -> Sounds -> Voice recordings. You can then play the recording or assign it as a ringtone.

Now this phone is also capable of playing mp3 ringtones. So you could actually transfer an mp3 file to your phone via Bluetooth and it will show up in your sounds folder. You can then go ahead a play the mp3 file, so in a sense you have a kind of music player, though you can't create play lists. Another thing is that the mp3 file will be pretty large compared to the relatively small internal memory of this phone. So you can't store very many mp3 files this way.

Convert MP3 to AMR Files
One solution to this is to convert any mp3 files you have to the .amr format mentioned earlier. The quality won't be as good, but the file will be much smaller. For example, I took an mp3 file on my computer (the Justin Bieber song, One Less Lonely Girl), and converted it online to .amr format. The file size went from a few MB to just 358 KB (i.e. less than half an MB). I then transferred the .amr file from my PC to my phone via bluetooth. The file showed up in the Sounds folder, and I was able to play it just fine, although the quality was not as good as the original mp3 file. You can see a screenshot of the file in the sounds folder above. Because the converted amr file is small, you can store several such files on the phone so you have a better choice of songs when you want to listen to music on this phone.

Hope some of the above helps.

sb (admin)

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