How to enter names and numbers (contacts) in address book

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LG 500g Contacts

LG 500g Contacts

I got this comment on another thread:

"I have no idea how to do anything. Don't even know how to enter names and numbers in an address book. I miss my simple, uncomplicated little Motorola W376g. The services guide that came with the LG tells you nothing about how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated or else it's going back and I'm returning to my Motorola."

She was probably speaking figuratively, but I know how she feels. I had a moment of panic when I couldn't figure out how to answer a call on the LG 800g and felt even dumber when I couldn't figure out how to unlock a Motorola EX124g.

The LG 500g will be very familiar to those who've been used to the LG 420g, but less so to those using the earlier Motorola models. Not to fear, it's still a Tracfone, so not very complicated.

Adding Basic Contact Info

To add basic contact information you can go to:

Menu -> Contacts -> Names and click on Options on the lower left and select Add a New Contact. You can now add the basic contact info: First Name, Last Name and Mobile Phone number.

You can also access this menu by clicking the down Nav key and then select Options on the lower left and then select Add a New Contact.

The next step, if you want to is to . . .

Enter Additional Contact Info

To add additional contact info from the New Contact screen, click on Options again on the lower left and select Add Detail. Now you can choose to add the following info:

- Additional numbers: General, Mobile, Home, Office, Pager and Fax

- Email address

- Groups

- Image (for picture caller id)

- Ringtone (personalized)

- Birthday

- Company name

- Job Title

- Memo (any additional notes)

And that's about it. If you have an LG 420g you should be able to transfer your contacts via Bluetooth so you won't have to re-enter this info. I'll have to go back and see if that's possible with the Moto W376g, but I doubt it.

Don't know if this is enough to keep your LG 500g, but I hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 10, 2011
Still confused
by: D.B.

I'm confused about the Groups. When I add a contact to names, it sometimes shows up under Collegues or Family and I can't get them back to the plain, old Names category. And, in trying to delete a name from the Friends group, I accidentally deleted the entire Group category. Now I just have Family, Collegues, School & VIP categories. How do I get all contacts under Names only? D.B.

Aug 07, 2011
by: May Fulton

Thanks for the help with the LG500g. After a few days I am finally figuring things out by trial and error. This is only my second cell phone so that's why it was difficult for me.

I'll keep checking with this site for additional tips and tricks.


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