Limited reception

by Sam
(brockton, ma)

LG 420g Motorola EX124g signal strength

LG 420g Motorola EX124g signal strength

I have been a Tracfone user for several years and very satisfied with them up until now. My husband and I both own the same Motorola Tracfone model and is the best Tracfone model we have used.

Recently, we needed to purchase a new Tracfone, as one of the Motorola phones stopped working, and after researching, chose the LG420g for the basic features offered.

Unfortunately, we are very disappointed with this model, namely because of the limited reception.

We cannot get service in areas that we previously got great service/reception with the Motorola model (which tracfone no longer offers). With the Motorola model we never had a problem with service/reception. However, with the LG420g when my husband moves from one area of his office to another area of the office, his calls get disconnected or he cannot make/receive calls. I would think that Tracfone service/reception would be the same for all phones they offer. Has anyone had this problem?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your comments and your other post about the W376g model. The LG 420g should have the same service/network as the Motorola models as they're both GSM phones. They're probably both on the AT&T network though there's also a chance that one or the other is on the T-Mobile network which could account for the difference. It might be worth calling up Tracfone and asking them about this and mentioning the difference in reception. If it's the case that they're on different networks, they might be able to send you a new SIM card to switch out the networks.

The other possibility, of course, is that it's the phone. The LG 420g I have doesn't appear to have reception problems, though I can't currently check because I'm right now in an area with good coverage. In the photo above I have four signal bars showing on both the 420g and a Motorola EX124g.

I did use a Samsung T301g and T401g from Tracfone and Net10 respectively in the past and don't recall any reception problems on those phones when out about town. Our old neighborhood, however, didn't always have great reception so we sometimes tried going to the second floor when inside.

sb (admin)

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Nov 04, 2011
limited reception with LG420g
by: sam

Thank you SB for your input and advice. I will contact Tracfone and inquire about the network.

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