Toll-free calls and receiving calls on daily plans

On their site they say that "Toll and airtime free numbers are 911, #PAY (#729) and *611." Does it mean that I will pay something if I call a 1-800 toll free number? For the daily prepaid plan, "you pay when you USE it"... does it mean I pay 2 dollars when someone calls me ?

Usually I used this type of plan to receive calls only, and for free, and I give calls using a different prepaid card buy calling their 1-800 number and giving an access code, which is usually much cheaper than the plan given by the phone, especially to call abroad.

I think they are too expensive, and they should give more details about their conditions. Reading them, it really sounds like I'm they're going to f*** me.


Yes, I believe that calling any number will trigger the daily use charge. That also applies for receiving calls. This is not unusual however. The AT&T Gophone $2 a day plan works the same way.

I'm not sure what you consider a reasonable rate. You can get rates as low as 10 cents per minute or less with many plans. For example, PlatinumTel costs 5 cents per minute.

In terms of international calling, prepaid cards are often necessary, but not always. For many countries, Tracfone users get an access number for calling many international locations at no additional charge.

Good luck in your search.

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Dec 01, 2014
Paying more than everybody else
by: Anonymous

I am paying more than everybody else, and I come out of contract in May. Will you help me

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