Creating my own voicemail greeting instead of automated one .

by Nic


I'm very happy with my new lg420g phone, I bought it recently and would like to leave my own greeting message. Could you please tell me how I can do this. I also bought a reconditioned lg420g as a backup, and I am wondering what kind of track record these reconditioned phones have.


Hi Nic,

When you first set up your voicemail, you do have the option of setting up a personal greeting at step 3 of the process. However, assuming you've already set up voicemail with a standard greeting, here's how to create a personal greeting:

1. Call voicemail
2. Select "4" for Personal Options
3. Select "3" for Greetings
4. Select "1" for Personal Greeting

Then you record your greeting, and you should be all set. You can see more detailed voicemail instructions here.

Note I used a different GSM phone (EX124G) to check this procedure, but it should be the same since these all use AT&T's (or T-mobile's) voicemail system. I believe the CDMA phones (like the lg290c) use Verizon's system.

As for your second question. I've been mostly happy with the reconditioned phones I've tested. There have been two issues in the past. The first was that the battery on one of the reconditioned units seems to drain more quickly than expected. The other issue I had was that the wrong SIM card number was entered in the database so I had a problem activating. However, after resetting the phone according to instructions from customer service, it worked fine.

Lately, I haven't had a chance to try any reconditioned Tracfones. I have tried a couple of reconditioned Straight Talk phones and they all worked great. Since you say you're got the other one as a backup, hopefully you won't need to use it at all (except for the extra airtime card they include).

sb (admin)

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