LG420g Transfer

Received this phone Friday 3/11/2011 - have yet to be able to use it - because of the blundering of so called techs. It's a long story over the past 5 days and lost 5 days of service time on my cell phone - non active - 2 sims card fed-x overnite from Florida Corp office - and still no active phone. The nightmare is with the tech's not the phone.

Sat. when I called the toll free number to activate the phone - i needed them to de-activate my Motorola that I have had for the past 5 yrs with Tracfone - and then activate the new LG420g. There in lies the nightmare beginning with 5 phone calls where tracfone tech's hung up on me. I was on a home landline - they HUNG UP!!! - 6 time is a charm you might think NOT EVEN - each phone call thereafter, I got a small step closer to activation of this cell phone - but each phone call I had to start all over again, because I gather they don't read english or are too lazy to pull up the notes on the computer that the other person typed!

FINALLY, on the 14th Tuesday this week Patrick (tech) of which I called a different 800 number stated, "it's not the phone number that needs to be changed (as i was told the day before) but the sim card." This LG420g has a TMobile Sim card that gives YOU no range no bars - other than the zip you are in - it was suggested they give me the same sim card in my older Motorola C261 phone that has been working nationwide for 5 yrs now - ok i agreed - he needed clarance - and in the middle of giving me a 10 digit number he disconnected the call. TYPICAL OF THESE PEOPLE THESE DAYS....i called back to another toll free number - and several emails later - and got the Florida Corporation office - and a so far very good woman Felicia - whom fed-x me an ATT sim card. OK it was delivered next day air - I was to only speak to her and we were going to activate the phone. That would be today as I got home after their office closed last night. I put the new sim card in the cell phone - there is no activated anything at this point. Everything had been wiped out of the phone. Call and speak only to Felica - okay - I called her this morning - and 1.5 hrs later we find out that some IDIOT at had put all the data back to the T-MOBILE SIM card - and Felicia had to spend another 2-3 hrs correcting this - and sending out yet another SIM CARD ATT. I will get it tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. - at my home AND NOT HAVE TO SIGN FOR IT. we shall go from there and hope to shout that it works this time.

I purchased this cell as it had more features than my C261 Motorola which both phones are basically for emergency only. BUT there are times I use it for a phone - and call people. I wanted the blue tooth to be able to pair up to my GPS and have the headset attached if I am on my motorcycle and need to call someone - of course pull off to the side of the road to make the call but have it, just the same. NOW ITS BEEN 1 WEEK AND I HAVE NO CELL WHATSOEVER - THANKS TRAC FONE!!!!

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