Nokia Tracfone models

There used to be quite a few Nokia Tracfone models from which to choose. Then they all but disappeared as Tracfone moved away from Nokia. While most of their phones are now from Samsung, Motorola or LG, they have introduced three new models: a 5G Nokia handset: the Nokia G300 5G for $149.99 (on sale), the Nokia C100 and the Nokia C200. 

Current Models

Nokia G300 5G $149.99 (on sale)

The Nokia G300 5G has a 6.5 inch screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage (expandable to 1TB), a 16MP triple-lens rear camera (plus wide-angle), 8MP front camera, and runs Android 11. Customer reviews on Tracfone's site range are either 5-stars or 1-stars depending on whether they had problems with it or not. The features are very good for the price.

Nokia C100 (N152DL) $49.99

If you don't need a 5G phone, you can look at the Nokia C100, a basic smartphone with a 5.5 inch screen, 3GB RAM,  a basic single lens cameras (8MP rear and 5MP front), 32 GB storage and a 4000mAH battery. It runs Android 12 and features a quad-core (not octa-core) processor. It is a simple, affordable, and hopefully reliable option. This phone is also available from Consumer Cellular.

Nokia C200 (N151DL) $79.99

The Nokia C200 has an earlier identifying code, N151DL, compared to the C100. It's as if they made the C200 as their basic smartphone option, but then realize they could go even further and made the more basic C100.

Anyway, the C200 has a 6 inch screen, a 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The larger screen makes it a bit heavier than the C100, but the other features seem to the same as the C100.

Older Models

Below are the phones are the models that used to be available. While they were not Nokia's top models, they were cheap and reliable. Links to Nokia Tracfone manuals, where available, are provided.

Nokia 1100

This used to be the workhorse of the TracFone line and is the ancestor of most of these models as all the other Nokia TracFones all look like slightly more elaborate versions of this phone.

According to Wikipedia, more than 200 million Nokia 1100 have been sold throughout the world. So you're not going to get any exclusivity points for owning one, but you will know that it works for you.

As I note in my review, my favorite thing about this phone was the "instant-off" feature.

You could get a refurbished Nokia 1100R from Tracfone for only $9.99. The best thing is that if your 1 and 1/2 year-old drops it on the hardwood floor while talking to grandma, you don't have to worry about the cost of replacing it.

It has two games. Okay, so you have to entertain yourself with something else.

It does have a calculator and an alarm clock which are useful. And, oh yeah, it's got a flashlight, too.

This phone was replaced in their line first by the Motorola W175, followed by the Samsung T101g, T105g, S125g and S150g.

Nokia 1112

This one had nicer buttons and style, but no flashlight.

It had three whole games, which was one more than the 1100 had.

Here's the Nokia 1112 Manual in English and Spanish.

Nokia 1221

More games and downloadable ringtones, but it may actually be a worse phone. Why?

The buttons are tiny and angular, in an attempt to be stylish.

It was a good idea to stay away from this one.

Nokia 2126

Like a Nokia 1100 with a color screen.

Yup, that means it had a flashlight.

Here's the Nokia 2126 manual in English.

Nokia 2600

Here's the combined Nokia 2600 manual in English, Spanish, and French.

The most elaborate version of this basic series of phones. The Nokia 2600 has better styling and looks more comfortable to use.

Nokia 2285

This was a truly ugly phone with confusing and uncomfortable-looking buttons.

Here's the Nokia 2285 manual in English and Spanish.

Finally, a Nokia Tracfone Option 

So there you have it. You now have three options for a Nokia smartphone from Tracfone: a 5G model and two basic ones.

Earlier, if you wanted a basic reliable Nokia Tracfone and didn't like flip phones, you could choose one of the above and not have had to waste another precious second thinking about your cell phone.

If you're set on a Nokia phone from a Tracfone company, then you can also look at smart phones from Straight Talk.

Earlier you could also choose Gophones from AT&T.