Tracfone Prepaid Review

Part 2 - Can You Get Attractive Phones?

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1 - Rates and Coverage

2 - Phone Selection

3 - Features and Misc.


You can actually get attractive and modern handsets from Tracfone.

Smart Phones

Two Android smart phones were finally introduced: the Samsung Galaxy Centura and the ZTE Valet, followed a bit later by the LG Optimus Dynamic, Dynamic II, Huawei Glory, LG Optimus Fuel, LG Ultimate 2, Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon and many more.

Wi-Fi Capable Phones

In addition to the smartphone, a couple of other handsets also had WiFi capability. These were the Samsung S390G which had a QWERTY keyboard and track pad, a 2MP camera, web browser with YouTube viewer. The LG 840g was a touchscreen phone that could also connect to WiFi networks.

Touchscreen Phone

Tracfone has introduced a few other prepaid touchscreen phones: the LG 505C, LG 800g and the Motorola EX124g.

QWERTY Keyboard Phones

samsung s390g with wifi

A few app-capable phones with QWERTY keyboards are the LG 505C mentioned above, the Motorola EX431g, LG 530g and 500g, Samsung T404g,  R455C and S425g.

All of the above phones have megapixel cameras and play mp3 files. If you don't need a music player and want a...

Easy Phone

The Alcatel A382 and A392 come with large buttons, simple menu and an FM radio.

Flip Phones

The LG 440g (successor to the 430g) has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a nice screen.

If you don't need a megapixel camera either, then there are a few more good values.

Basic Phones

Basic phones do have their advantages, such as long battery life and low replacement cost. Basic handsets available include the Samsung S150g and Samsung S125g.

All of the above are GSM phones that run on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks, but in certain areas you can get a CDMA Tracfone that runs on the Verizon network.

Older Models

These are the Samsung T301G and T245g, the LG 600g, the Motorola W376g, or the LG 420g. These are all Bluetooth-enabled. The LG 420g and T301g are the best of this lot. They all have VGA cameras.

So you can get attractive handsets, but will you...

Save money on them?

There are a couple of online package for saving you money on those three attractive handsets which include triple minutes for life. You can either go with a phone package and buy airtime separately or get a phone plus airtime package, and you can usually get free shipping.

In stores, you can go to places like Target and Walmart. I've seen them at the local supermarket and Walgreens sometimes has a good sale. Dollar General seems to have a special relationship (though the prices aren't usually the best).

Phone packages

Usually, there are (refurbished) phone plus airtime card packages available directly from Tracfone. Usually the bundle includes a $20 60 minute card that double to 120 minutes or triples to 180 minutes depending on the phone.

When you get the packages that include a bucket of airtime minutes you don't have to buy any additional airtime in the beginning. Look carefully to see whether a bundle offers single, double or triple minutes. This will affect how much you pay in the long run.

With good features

Features available now include Wi-Fi capability, touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, a megapixel camera, music players, Bluetooth, calendar, phone book, speakerphone, voicemail, games and Java apps.

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